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Fossil Walrus Ivory & Sterling Silver Pendant


This product cannot be shipped to: California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York.


Fossil walrus ivory is a unique and beautiful natural material, that does no harm to any animals!

Fossil Walrus Ivory & Sterling Silver Pendant

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  • Care Instructions

    The best way to keep this sterling silver pendant tarnish free it to wear it every day, even in the shower!  When not being worn it's best to keep it away from moisture, and if possible store in a ziplock.  You can use a silver polishing cloth anytime: just rub gently over all surfaces!

  • Fossil Ivory: Mammoth & Walrus

    Fossilized Walrus Ivory is a rare and unique material collected on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska by the native Inuit. The material ranges in age from 500 to 50,000 years old, and exhibits a range of natural colors resulting from the absorption of minerals.  No animals are harmed to collect the ivory.

  • California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York

    Due to state specific regulations concerning sale of ivory products, we will not be able to honor any purchases containing ivory components to these states. All orders to these states will be inspected to assure compliance. Customers of orders containing ivory will be contacted and refunded for the individual products containing ivory prior to completing the order.