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  • Candace Cahill

Custom Work Available

A couple of years ago I finally started working with local gold nuggets. Whenever I try a new technique I usually make something for Tom first. He loved this ring so much he retired his old wedding band and adopted this one. Out of solidarity I made one for myself as well. Tom, who has worn this ring ever since and who works with his hands everyday, appreciates the comfort-fit band, how easy it is to wear and it's sturdy construction. Oh, and I love the comfort-fit band too!

In my last post I shared this photograph of a custom piece made for a friend, and just this past week I finished his and hers bear claw pendants (don't ask to buy something like this - bear claws are illegal to sell in Alaska - you must be given one as a gift!) Both of these projects were commissioned using objects just "lying around" and waiting to be made into something beautiful and fun to wear. Having an opportunity to help in the design and creation of a personal piece of jewelry can be very rewarding, so if you have idea or a project that's been in the back of your mind, give me a call or drop a note and see what we can come up with!

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