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Incredibly beautiful and complete Mastodon Tusk, restored and elegantly displayed!

The tusk weighs over 65 pounds and measures 97" long - that’s over 8 feet - it is a piece of history now preserved and protected for posterity.  The tip is complete and displays the natural wear pattern of the huge grazing animal. This tusk is a rare specimen having a double curl! The range of colors include not only the earthy tones, but also black and very rare shades of blue.  Mastodon have been extinct for 10,000 - 11,000 years, having roamed throughout North America.  Most fossil mammoth and mastodon tusks unearthed today are found in northern North America and Siberia, where they have survived due to preservation in the permafrost.


The base, sculpted by Pacific Northwest carver David Present, includes two exquisite pieces of wood: lignum vitea and maple burl.  Lignum Vitea, also known as “the Tree of Life,” is a rare Central American Hardwood, prized for it durability and is considered the heaviest and hardest wood in the world. The maple base is from a massive 4" thick slab of burl and has gorgeous natural patterning!


The finished sculpture is over 6 feet high and ready for display in your home, office or museum!

Mastodon Tusk on Wood Base by David Present

SKU: Tusk1
  • Specifications

    Museum Quality Mastodon Tusk Mounted and Fully Restored by David Present

    Base: Lignum Vitea on 4" Thick Maple Burl

    Length: 97"

    Diameter: 4 1/2"

    Circumference: 13 1/2"

    Wieght: 66# approximate

    Footprint: 28" d x 44" w x 68 ' h

  • Custom Shipping

    Shipping and packaging is $1500.  Item will be shipped in a custom crate.  Exact delivery times will depend on seasonal weather and destination, contact us for a delivery estimate.

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