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Pink Coral & Sterling Silver Beads

Sterling Silver French Wire


"I like to make several pair of earrings to match necklaces, but try to make each pair a little different.  These are fun, and the colors are great for everyday wear!"


PLEASE NOTE - EACH PAIR IS UNIQUE - although these earrings contain the same basic material, each pair has a look all its own.  If you see a pair that is a must have for you, please contact us to be sure the pair you want is still available.

Pink Coral & Sterling Silver Earrings

SKU: E4006
  • Silver beads, Spacers, Toggles & Clasps

    We utilize a wide variety of silver bead accents, spacers, toggles and clasps, most of which are handmade in Bali, Indonesia.  All toggles and clasps are 925 Sterling Silver, as are the majority of beads and spacers.  If you are highly sensative to silver less than 925/1000 please email me to ensure each and every bead is Sterling.

  • Dyed Pink Coral


    This piece haspink coral beads that have been dyed to make them a brighter.  I have done multiple tests on these beads and have found that for a small number of people the dye fades from regular wear - I am not sure why, but believe it has to do with individual chemistry.  What this means is, unfortunately, the dye will sometimes fade, or in rare instances, the dye will rub off on the skin or clothing of the wearer.

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