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925 Sterling Silver Mother Bear & Cub

Measures 1/2" wide x 1/2" long

Stamped on the reverse: 925, TCD, Alaska

Select left or right facing


"These are some of my favorite earrings!  I love how small they are and yet are easily recognizable as Mother Bear & Cub.  They bring to mind the many bears I'm fortunate to see every spring.  They are sure to become your favorites as well!"


This design was first carved in wax and then cast to create a solid silver workpiece.   Fine touch-up and refining were then completed before making a master mold which is used to make duplicates.

Sterling Silver Mother Bear & Cub Charm

SKU: S0024
  • Care Instructions

    The best way to keep this sterling silver pendant tarnish free it to wear it every day, even in the shower!  When not being worn it's best to keep it away from moisture, and if possible store in a ziplock.  You can use a silver polishing cloth anytime: just rub gently over all surfaces!

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