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18.5" Stromolite Custom Pendant set in Sterling Silver, Petrified Wormy Driftwood & Sterling Silver Beads & Clasp


"This is an elegant and classy piece in neutral earth tones - pair it with a cream suit or sweater!"


Stromolite, Pertrified Wood & Sterling Silver Necklace

SKU: B0039
  • Stringing Material

    This necklace has been strung on 49 Strand wire, which combines the flexibility and softness of thread with the strength and durability of stainless steel wire. Specially designed for stringing ceramic, crystal, metal, and stone beads - as well as seed beads and freshwater pearls - Beadalon 49 Strand is the softest and most flexible of all Beadalon varieties. Designs fashioned from Beadalon 49 Strand drape very naturally without kinking. Beadalon 49 Strand is the finest choice wire for creating jewelry designs that look professional and remain secure. The smooth nylon coating provides good abrasion resistance, prevents kinking, and prolongs strand life.

  • Silver beads, Spacers, Toggles & Clasps

    We utilize a wide variety of silver bead accents, spacers, toggles and clasps, most of which are handmade in Bali, Indonesia.  All toggles and clasps are 925 Sterling Silver, as are the majority of beads and spacers.  If you are highly sensative to silver less than 925/1000 please email me to ensure each and every bead is Sterling.

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